Nina Etienne

Consultant, Marketing leader, and Public Speaker in Berlin

Nina Etienne

Consultant, Marketing leader, and Public Speaker in Berlin

Do you want to spark change in your business?

If you’re looking to evolve your marketing strategy, operating model, GTM execution plan or brand story to take you to that next level of (sustainable) growth, get in touch today.

I know there's loads of us out there. You've barely had your morning coffee before being bombarded by “fractional CMOs”, marketing agencies and fancy consultants all shouting buzz words and promising to make you the next big thing.

I can do that too, but I do it differently:

  • I have deep experience in marketing so I know what I'm talking about. Unlike those big brand name consultancy firms, I've been in the eye of the storm (no ivory towers here) running marketing functions and building brands for close to 20 years at unicorn companies like N26 (where I headed up EU marketing) and SumUp (where I ran their marketing globally).
  • I adopt a no BS approach. I won’t tell you what you want to hear. I create a bespoke approach tailored to your business (no copy and paste slides). You might not even like my advice (at first), but you may well need it.
  • I form deep connections with your internal experts to understand the core issues. Through a unique mix of natural empathy and kindness, I leverage your internal experts and make them part of the journey. I can also channel any TED presenter of the day and give you a speech that will move your team to tears (the good kind) if you so wish
  • I'm efficient.None of us have the luxury of time for pretty words, a 100 page deck or a 6 month lead time…so you'll get candid, easy to read, action-orientated output. Quickly.

About me

I'm an executive marketing consultant with close to 20 years experience growing brands across the corporate and scale up space.

I'm now supporting a range of companies with their growth and marketing strategy, operating models and brand investment approaches.

I'm a people person that's used to optimising big teams, big budgets and big ideas.

On the side I'm a published writer, a podcaster and dedicated to DEI.

  • Work
    • ex-Global VP Marketing, SumUp
  • Education
    • Cambridge University
In consulting, it's common to encounter solutions that dazzle on paper yet falter in practice, overlooking the unique dynamics of your organization. This is where Nina sets a new standard. Her expertise in marketing isn't just theoretical; it's grounded in a profound understanding of real-world applications. Her approach is refreshingly pragmatic: providing what you NEED to hear. You're not just in capable hands; you're in hands that genuinely care about forging a path that works for your needs.
Georgie Smallwood, CPTDO Moonpig Gp PLC, Ex-CPO tier
You were amazing Nina. Your name was invoked countless times in the afternoon, “Let’s remember Nina’s priority meeting process, remember how Nina said there was a lull immediately after implementation, Nina said there is a different process for BAU, let’s ensure we don’t create a Nina-no scenario.” Thank you so much for your time and your generous sharing
Matthew Gain, SVP and Head of EU at Audible
Nina is truly special - strategically minded yet with an eye for data, Nina helped me to transform our marketing organization and advertising approach. She brought a sparkle to our company - inspiring everyone around her to do their best work. Anyone who gets to work with her is lucky.
Marc-Alexander Christ, Co-Founder at SumUp